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     With an abundance of formulaic music in the digital age, many artists tend to get overlooked and brushed aside. Those who shine through, however, always seem to capture the same key elements: sincerity, raw energy, and passion. Afterimage, nominated Best Hard Rock/Metal Act by the Limelight Music Awards, exudes all three of these components, striving to capture the most entertaining and visceral display of emotion in every performance they deliver. Afterimage mixes a unique blend of alternative metal, shoegaze, and psychedelic rock to create a heavy and passionate new sound that is sure to last well after listening.

     The members of the band formed Afterimage shortly after meeting each other at Keene State College in the fall of 2016. Throughout their college tenure, the band wrote original material as much as they could in between classes, and played shows across New England almost every weekend. Upon graduating in 2020, the band released their studio single “Six Seconds”, which ranked #1 on Boston Emissions Radio for 8 straight weeks. Soon after, Afterimage released their first studio EP, “Temperance”.











     Temperance was met with great critical acclaim. It earned a 9/10 from, citing that Afterimage had a “hypnotic, captivating sound,” Boston Rock Radio applauded the EP, going on to say that “...Afterimage could very well be the next generation’s Aerosmith,” The August 2020 issue of Power Play Magazine gave Temperance an 8/10 rating, with specific praise toward guitarist Brandon Curcio. 

     In September 2021, Afterimage released a new single, “Toe”, with an accompanying music video shot and edited by Urquhart Productions, with some fans citing it as “their best song to date”.

     September 2022 saw the release of Afterimage's frantic and heavy debut LP "Dying Gaul", which received a 9/10 from Metal Temple, applauding the band's musicianship, songwriting, and production. 

     Afterimage have played some of the most esteemed venues across New England, including the Worcester Palladium in Worcester, MA, the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT, the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA, and Tupelo Music Hall in Derry, NH. They have opened up for such acts as Morbid Angel, Secrets, and Hank Von Hell of Turbonegro.

     The band is currently hard at work writing and recording new studio material, creating their own YouTube comedy series, and playing as many shows as they possibly can. Check their Facebook page for up to date show listings.

FFO: Tool, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, My Bloody Valentine, and Chevelle

Griffin Romprey
Casey Daron
Bass, vocals
Brandon Curcio
James Hagen
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